Welcome to Age of Inquiry

Hello, and welcome to the brand new Age of Inquiry - a site dedicated to the open discussion of ideas, whether about religion, politics, social issues or anything else that you feel strongly about.

Age of Inquiry is all about discussion and debate, so if that's your thing, please open an account and join in. I've started by adding a couple of my own blogs, and I'll be adding more very soon. The site will probably just be my own work for a little while, but anyone can start adding their own work.

There are a few different article types available - arguments, hypothetical scenarios, thought experiments, paradoxes, quandaries, and commentaries. I'll be adding some info in the FAQ soon on what these are supposed to mean.

I welcome any suggestions for the site, and in fact I already have a big wishlist of improvements that I hope to make, to add some additional features - these will all be later updates, hopefully coming sooner rather than later. If you have any suggestions, you can sign up and post them in the forum, or drop me a line via the site contact form

Best regards,

Andrew Graham

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