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Age of Inquiry Wishlist

There are many additional features that I'd like to add to the site, but unfortunately they are either beyond my level of sitebuilding skill, or take too much time. I hope to be able to implement these at some stage in the near future.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) - This is a very handy feature that allows people to sign on using their Twitter or Facebook logins, which makes it easy for visitors to comment on articles. Unfortunately it was a bit difficult for me to implement by myself. For the time being, people will need to create an account on the site to be able to comment.
  • Personal blogs - this will be different to the main articles that appear on the front page. Instead it will be a smaller news feed on each person's own profile page which will be for personal updates, like what you are working on, or what's happened to you that you wouldn't really write a whole article for.
  • Content Lists - I'd like members to be able to create a series of content, like a playlist. So for example, if you have three articles of all the same theme, you can list them in a group and write a synopsis of what the series is about.

Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

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