Submission Guidelines

Age of Inquiry’s mission is to provide a community environment that encourages free, open and civil discussion and debate. We believe that all people, no matter what their personal beliefs and values, can contribute to the discussions with the aim of advancing our collective knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and appreciation for others’ points of view.

As such, we don’t believe in censorship of content submitted to Age of Inquiry. There are no taboo subjects, and there is no ideology favoured by Age of Inquiry or promoted above others. All users have equal rights and content submitted will be treated as such.

What is acceptable content?

We believe in free speech, not hate speech. Age of Inquiry allows all kinds of opinions, and users are free to write and comment however they choose, with only a few exceptions.

Any content, including articles, comments and forum posts, that is unnecessarily offensive or abusive is not permitted on Age of Inquiry and may be unpublished (pending review) or deleted. Users who post such content may be suspended or banned by Age of Inquiry moderators.

Since it can be difficult to define what is considered offensive, Age of Inquiry reserves the right to evaluate on a case by case basis and make decisions accordingly. We are also open to discuss this in the forum, or you could send a query via our contact form.

Image submissions

Any images uploaded or linked on Age of Inquiry must be suitable for people of all ages. No pornographic or other similarly offensive images may be used.  Any such images used will be deleted and offending users may be suspended or banned subject to Age of Inquiry’s discretion.


The current structure of Age of Inquiry includes a title image on each article which appears on teaser views (front page and sidebars). Images may also be added to the body of articles submitted, however these don’t appear on the front page or other teasers. We’re working on improving the format; please bear with us for the time being.


Full details of our copyright policy can be found in our terms of use. All user-generated content submitted to Age of Inquiry must be the work of the user who is submitting it. You must own the Copyright and all other relevant rights. Content submitted may have been published elsewhere, which is fine as long as there is no restriction imposed by any other site where you have previously published it. This way, you can feel free to post your opinion articles on both your own personal blog and on Age of Inquiry.


We do not allow spam and advertising, however feel free to add a link to your own personal blog on your profile or on your articles (please limit the use to one per article).

Have fun

Remember, we’re here to improve our minds by discussing ideas in a civil and courteous way. May the debates go on!